FAQs : Introduction to NFC

Welcome to the EZ-Link NFC FAQ section. Please refer to the following sections for your related enquiry:

1. What is NFC?
NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices.

2. How does NFC work for the ez-link purse?
NFC leverages on the existing ez-link contactless infrastructure that is already in use for retail payment. When enhanced onto a mobile handset, it allows customers to enjoy the added convenience of having an ez-link purse on the customer’s mobile handset.
To make a payment with the mobile handset, an ez-link customer simply has to tap his/her NFC-enabled mobile phone at eligible contactless ez-link payment readers.



3. Why is NFC useful to me?
As the ez-link purse will already be in your NFC mobile handset, it means that you do not need to carry an ez-link card around anymore. Besides using the ez-link purse in the NFC phone for payment on existing acceptance points, you can also check the card details and transaction history of your ez-link card from your phone. In the near future, there will be value-added services like e-tickets and e-coupons that can be downloaded to your NFC mobile phone via over-the-air at your convenience.



4. What will NFC allow me to do?
Your NFC-enabled phone will enable you to carry out cashless transactions at retail outlets simply by tapping your phone at these retail merchants. You can also check the card details, purse balance and transaction history of your card using the EZ-Link Mobile Application, on your NFC-enabled phone.



5. Where is the ez-link purse stored in the NFC device?
The ez-link purse is stored in a secured element, typically the NFC-enabled SIM card.


So if you switch to another NFC mobile phone, you have to use the existing SIM card with the ez-link purse in order to continue using the ez-link feature.


If you change to a new SIM card, please note that the ez-link purse in the old NFC SIM card will not be transferred to the new SIM card. It will be a new ez-link purse.


You may wish to use up the remaining value on the ez-link purse in the old NFC SIM before disposing it. Alternatively, you may seek a cash-back service on the old NFC SIM (refer to the FAQ in the related sections).



6. Why is EZ-Link being used in NFC?
NFC refers to the technology behind the mode of payment.


As the ez-link purse is stored typically in a NFC-enabled SIM card residing in the NFC device, it means that once you have an NFC device with the NFC ez-link purse, you can make transactions at EZ-Link readers .
*However, the ez-link purse for NFC cannot be accepted for payments on public transportation such as buses and trains, ERP and EPS until a later date.*