FAQs – About EZ-Link NFC payment

Welcome to the EZ-Link NFC FAQ section. Please refer to the following sections for your related enquiry:

1. What is NFC?
NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices.



2. What kind of NFC payment is EZ-Link offering in Singapore?
Since 2012, EZ-Link has offered the EZ-Link NFC SIM via mobile network operators for payments at ez-link retail acceptance points


From 29 March 2016 onwards, EZ-Link is offering the new EZ-Link NFC SIM via mobile network operators for payments for both public transit as well as retail acceptance points.


By having an EZ-Link NFC SIM Card and an approved NFC-enabled mobile phone, users can enjoy the convenience of using their mobile phones for ez-link transactions for both public transit and retail payments, by tapping the phone on the ez-link payment readers like an ez-link card.



3. Where is the ez-link purse stored in the NFC device?
The ez-link purse is stored in a secured element within the EZ-Link NFC SIM card, not in the mobile phone. Please note that data and value of the ez-link purse are not transferrable from one SIM Card to another.



4. What is EZ-Link NFC payment service?
NFC refers to the technology behind the mode of payment. The new EZ-Link NFC SIM turns an NFC-enabled mobile phone into a device for ez-link transactions, enabling the mobile to make transactions via the existing ez-link contactless infrastructure.



5. What will NFC allow me to do?
With the new EZ-Link NFC SIM, your EZ-Link NFC-enabled mobile phone will enable you to pay for public transit fares and carry out contactless transactions at over 30,000 acceptance points, including shopping, retail, food & beverages and taxis, by simply tapping your mobile phone similar to using an ez-link card. You can also check the ez-link purse details, purse balance and transaction history of your card using the EZ-Link Mobile Application.