FAQs – For EZ-Link NFC Payment Users with the compatible NFC-enabled mobile phone and SIM for use in public transit

Welcome to the EZ-Link NFC FAQ section. Please refer to the following sections for your related enquiry:

38. Which modes of public transport accept the EZ-Link NFC payment?
The new EZ-Link NFC SIM makes payments via NFC-enabled mobile phones acceptable at all the rail gates (MRT & LRT) and on public bus services including both SMRT and SBS services. A penalty fee will be imposed for fare invasion.



39. How will fares be computed using the EZ-Link NFC Payment?
Normal adult card fares will apply, including fares for a journey with transfers.



40. Do I still need to carry my ez-link card with me since I have already carried my NFC mobile phone?
Yes, you are advised to have an ez-link card in case you encounter difficulty with the NFC-enabled mobile phone.


If you encounter difficulties with your NFC-enabled mobile phone during your ride on the bus/train/rail or within the station itself, you can purchase a Standard Ticket from GTM, approach the PSM or pay cash (for bus rides).


Please be reminded that a penalty fee will be imposed for fare evasion.



41. Which NFC-enabled mobile phone models are certified for public transit payment?

For full list of NFC-enabled mobile phone models that supports the EZ-Link NFC SIM, please visit here.

Note that performance may vary according to the firmware version. You are encouraged to use newer mobile phone models which have been certified.


42. What do I need to ensure before using new EZ-Link NFC payment on public transport?
Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in the NFC ez-link purse and your phone has sufficient battery life to last throughout the rail and bus journey. A penalty fee will be imposed for fare evasion.



43. What should I do for best user experience on rail and bus acceptance?
Please place your NFC mobile phone (less than 2cm above) near the centre of the gate terminal or tap near the centre of the reader on bus.



44. Can I do a top-up in my mobile app between the entry and exit of a bus/rail trip?
No, it is not advisable to do a top-up between entry and exit of a bus/rail trip.


For any top-up transaction, please perform it before or after the trip.


If a top-up transaction is performed during a bus/rail trip, full fare for the trip will be deducted.



45. I do a transfer from one (bus/rail) to another (bus/rail). Can I do a top-up transaction between the trips?
Yes, you can do a top-up transaction between the trips.



46. I have tapped upon entry on the bus but I encountered problems during exit tap. I am being charged for full fare or wrong fare. What should I do next?
If you do not tap properly at the exit, the full fare will be charged similar to the CEPAS card payment. This is also applicable in the event your mobile phone battery goes flat and you are not able to tap at the exit.


In the event where you are charged the full fare, you may file your claim via TransitLink Website or via the TransitLink Mobile Services App. Any claim due will be processed and the customer will be notified via SMS.



47. What should I do if I observed Card Failed Message at the Fare Gate (Rail)?
If you are at an LRT station, please intercom to OCC for assistance or perform an upgrade at General Ticket Machine (GTM). Users are reminded to hold on to their mobile phones while performing upgrade using the top-up machines. Please note that it is the responsibility of the users to handle their mobile phones with care during the top-up at the machines.


If you are at an MRT station, please approach PSC for assistance. The Public Transport Operator (PTO) shall not be held liable for any damage to the mobile phone while it is being handed over to PTO staff for analysing.



48. I have made a successful tap when boarding the bus but the battery of my mobile phone went flat after that. Will I be penalised?
To use NFC on public transport, please ensure that the battery is sufficient for use for both entry and exit. Customer will be charged a penalty if they are not able to produce a valid transaction ticket. https://www.ptc.gov.sg/regulation/penaltyFeeRegulation.htm.



49. What is the first step I should take if my NFC-enabled mobile phone encounters any issue after tapping?
First, please ensure the NFC function on your mobile phone is enabled.


If you still encounter problem, please reset (off & on) the NFC function under the mobile phone setting menu. If the mobile phone does not respond, please restart (power off & followed by a power-on) the mobile phone.


Please use an ez-link card for payment if the issue cannot be resolved immediately.



50. Who should I contact if I encounter any problem on my EZ-Link NFC SIM Card or mobile phone?
For NFC ez-link purse related enquiries, please call the EZ-Link Customer Service hotline at 64968300, Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm excluding public holidays.


For mobile phone or SIM card troubleshooting, please call your mobile network operator.