FAQs – Getting an NFC-enabled Mobile Phone & EZ-Link NFC SIM card

Welcome to the EZ-Link NFC FAQ section. Please refer to the following sections for your related enquiry:

15. When and where can I get an NFC EZ-Link enabled mobile phone and EZ-Link NFC SIM?
You can get them at M1, Singtel and StarHub, subjected to availability. Please check with your mobile network operator on the availability of the NFC-enabled phones and EZ-Link NFC SIM.


To find out more, please go to:


M1 logo Singtel logo Starhub logo








16. How much does it cost to sign up for a NFC SIM Card with ez-link purse?
Please approach your mobile network operator for pricing details.



17. Are there any other financial charges for ez-link payments using the NFC ez-link purse?
No. There are no additional charges for using ez-link purse in the EZ-Link NFC SIM for payment.



18. How do I check whether my NFC SIM is new for public transit?
You can identify your NFC SIM by using the EZ-Link App.

If the expiry date of your NFC SIM is dated from 26 August 2020 onwards, your NFC SIM can be used for both retail and transit purposes.



19. What is the difference: Non-NFC SIM vs old NFC SIM vs New EZ-Link NFC SIM


Function of your SIM Card Non-NFC SIM Card Old NFC SIM Card (expiring before 26 Aug 2020) New EZ-Link NFC SIM Card
Can it be used for Retail Payments? No Yes Yes
Can it be used for Transit Payments? No No Yes