FAQs – Using NFC EZ-Link SIM for payment

Welcome to the EZ-Link NFC FAQ section. Please refer to the following sections for your related enquiry:

6. How do I get ready for NFC payment?
First, ensure that you have installed the new EZ-Link NFC SIM in an approved NFC-enabled mobile phone. Top up your ez-link purse and check that the battery life is sufficient to complete the whole transaction process. Before you make the payment, please ensure that the NFC function (on your mobile phone) is turned on.



7. How do I know where I can use my EZ-Link NFC-enabled mobile phone for retail payments?
You can make retail payments with the EZ-Link NFC SIM in your NFC-enabled mobile phone at numerous retail stores, food & beverage outlets and on taxis that accept payment by ez-link cards.



8. How many retail outlets can accept payment by ez-link purse in NFC-enabled phones?
There are altogether over 30,000 acceptance points that accept ez-link payment, including shopping, retail, food & beverage and taxis. For more details on retail acceptance, please refer to http://home.ezlink.com.sg/use-your-ez-link-card/where-to-use.


Note: Payment by ez-link purse in NFC-enabled phones cannot be used for VEP, ERP and EPS.



9. Which ‘mode of payment’ will be selected at the retailer’s payment terminal?
The retailer will select ‘EZ-Link’ as the mode of payment.



10. Can I use it for VEP, ERP and for carparks with EPS upgraded to accept CEPAS payments?
No, it cannot be used for VEP, ERP and EPS payment.



11. Can I use it for payment on public transport (bus and rail)?
With the new EZ-Link NFC SIM, users are able to use NFC-enabled mobile phones for payment on public transit, similar to using an ez-link card.



12. What are the terms and conditions applicable for the use of the EZ-Link NFC SIM?
Please visit here for the terms and conditions. For regulations by the Public Transport Council (PTC), please refer to https://www.ptc.gov.sg/regulation/penaltyFeeRegulation.htm.



13. Are there any special conditions tied to the use of ez-link purse in NFC-enabled mobile phone?
Customer must ensure that only approved NFC-enabled mobile phone models with the approved firmware version can be used for payment. Please refer to http://www.ezlinknfc.com/supported-phones/ for the full-list of approved handsets. For optimal performance, users should tap their handset at the readers with their handset screen facing upwards (back of handset should be facing the reader).




14. What should I expect to experience while using the ez-link purse in my NFC-enabled mobile phone for payment?
Each NFC-enabled mobile phone model is designed and produced differently from another. Because of their variations in shapes and sizes, compared to ez-link cards that are of a fixed shape and size, users may experience differences in performance. Users may also face intermittent usage acceptance if the phone is not placed on the reader in the correct position for the reader to detect the ez-link purse. Please use an ez-link card for payment if you encounter any issue with the NFC payment.